The Cloud is Driving the Future of the Java Ecosystem and Jakarta EE: Eclipse Foundation Survey Results

Photo of Debbie Hoffman by Debbie Hoffman

The 2019 Jakarta EE developer survey results are in - and they show cloud deployments have increased since last year with 62% of Java developers currently building or planning cloud native architectures within the year.

Survey Purpose and Participants

In an effort to show Java ecosystem stakeholders the requirements, priorities, and perceptions of enterprise Java developer communities, the Eclipse Foundation conducted a survey in March 2019. The foundation’s member companies and partners, including the London Java Community, and Java User Groups worldwide assisted.


Just under 1,800 Java developers were surveyed about Java programming trends and specifically, their adoption of Jakarta EE.

Summary of Survey Findings

Cloud capabilities and workloads are driving the future of the Java ecosystem and Jakarta EE, as indicated by the following survey results:

  • 1/3 of Java developers currently building cloud native architectures
  • 30% of Java developers planning cloud native architectures
  • 32% of respondents expect 2/3 of their Java applications to run in the cloud within two years’ time
  • 43% of respondents prefer the microservices architecture for implementing Java in the cloud
  • Eclipse MicroProfile adoption grew from 13% in 2018 to 28% today

When asked what the top three priorities for Jakarta EE are, survey responses tied for first place with 61% wanting better support for microservices, and 61% wanting native integration with Kubernetes, followed by 37% wanting production quality reference implementations.


Access the full findings of the 2019 Jakarta EE Developer Survey here.