Proud to be Sponsoring JConf Colombia 2019

Photo of Jadon Ortlepp by Jadon Ortlepp

We are thrilled to be again sponsoring the JConf Colombia conference this year.


JConf Colombia is a non-profit Java technologies conference, organised by the communities of users and developers of Colombia. Their goal is to help developers, entrepreneurs and companies to learn new technologies related with Java, Cloud, Containers.


Payara Engineer Fabio Turizo will also be attending to deliver a session on Payara Micro and Kubernetes:


Diversión con Kubernetes y Payara Micro 5

"When developing a microservices architecture using containers, orchestration is key to provide an elastic scalable infrastructure. Kubernetes (w/ Docker) and Payara Micro 5 make this possible! This talk will showcase how to implement all of this for a real production scenario!"