Payara Server 4 and Payara Micro 4 Are Entering the Maintenance Lifecycle

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The Payara Support Lifecycle policy ensures longevity of your Payara Server or Payara Micro (The Payara Platform) investment. We provide 10 years of support and a well-defined lifecycle model to maintain the stability of your production environment.


Starting in February 2019, Payara Server 4 and Payara Micro 4 are moving from Full Support to the "Maintenance" stage of the lifecycle. No new features, enhancements, or APIs will be released for the Payara Platform 4 after February. What does this mean for you? Should you upgrade to Payara Platform 5?

What's the Difference Between Full Support and Maintenance?

Once Payara Platform is in Maintenance, there will be no new features, enhancements, or new APIs added. However, you can continue to use the Payara Platform and you'll continue to receive:

  • Monthly patch releases
  • JDK support through Azul
  • Backported fixes
  • Hot fixes

If you want to continue receiving new features, enhancements and updated APIs - you'll want to plan to migrate from the Payara Platform 4 to Payara 5.

Pros of Keeping Payara Server 4 as a Payara Enterprise Customer

  • No hassles with migration
  • Continue to receive monthly patch releases
  • Continue to receive JDK support through Azul
  • Receive backported fixes
  • Receive hotfixes
  • Support for JDK 7

Cons of Keeping Payara Server 4 Instead of Migrating to Payara 5

  • No longer receive new features, enhancements, or APIs as of February 2019
  • Starting in May 2019, you'll only receive fixes and security updates
  • As new components are added to the ecosystem or upgraded - Payara Server 4 may not integrate or maintain compatibility
 Learn About Payara Platform 4 in Maintenance


If you’re a customer, we provide assistance when you decide to migrate from Payara Platform 4 to Payara Platform 5, including:

  • “How to Upgrade from Payara 4 to Payara 5” guide (coming soon)
  • Support tickets
  • Screen sharing sessions and advice from engineers
  • Ability to purchase Accelerator consulting services for a “done for you” migration service