Payara Server 163 Sneak Peak - Improved Monitoring

Photo of Ondro Mihályi by Ondro Mihályi

Payara Server 163 is about to be released in a couple of days, as usual with many improvements and bug fixes. Although it cannot match the previous release in the number of new features, the list of improvements and fixes in Payara Server 163 is already longer than in the current release!


Among many other improvements, the upcoming 163 release of Payara Server ( out in August) fixes some inaccuracies in monitoring statistics, which are also present in the recent version of GlassFish. Monitoring feature of Payara Server, including exposing real-time statistics through a built-in REST service, is a well-crafted gem inherited from GlassFish. The Payara team invests significant effort to make it useful and reliable for production deployments. Some of the previous fixes, like GLASSFISH-21276, were accepted by the GlassFish project already and we hope that the same will happen with others!


In this short video, we will demonstrate the nature of the problem in Payara Server 162 and how this is fixed in the upcoming version 163.





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