The Payara Monthly Catch August 2023

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HiJakarta EEandMicroProfilecommunity! It's time for the August Payara Monthly Catch. 

Java 21 is coming next month. That means - virtual threads! Project Panama! Sequenced collections! This month, we round up all the interesting articles about Java 21 and beyond, all in one place. See below for your reading list. We also have been working on applying features like Virtual Threads in aJakarta EE context.

It's also the month we launched a free trial of our fully managed Jakarta EE cloud native application runtime, Payara Cloud. You can now try it out for free, with 15 days available to you as a trial. Check it outhere

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Java 21 

Preparing for JDK 21: A Comprehensive Overview of Key Features and Enhancements- As we inch to the release of JDK 21 in September (next month!), get familiar with the features & improvements this version will bring! 

Features in Java 21- A new LTS version has always been big news in the Java world! Dive into an extensive set of 15 JEPs including new, enhanced, and finalized functionality.

Java 21: what’s new?- Loic Mathieu takes you through the features of the upcoming new Long Term Support Java version, set to be supported in Jakarta EE around 6 months after release. 
Read his breakdown.

Java 21: so how should we construct Strings now?- Java 21 brings another way of constructing Strings. Nataliia Dziubenko looks at if this is a good new method, what this means for the old ways to do it & what to do now. Very useful!

Java 22: Panama Foreign Function & Memory Provides Massive Performance Improvements for Native Strings - Per-Åke Minborg looks at benchmarking string conversion in FFM for Java 21 & Java 22 compared to using old JNI calls.

"The complexity of infrastructure these days is a different league than 20 years ago & being able to treat infrastructure like software has unlocked practices & processes that can help us tame it" - Joe Duffy, Founder and CEO of PulumiCorp discusses Infrastructure as Code.

Relational Databases Explained- Mahdi Yusuf talks about how indexes & transactions work on the inside of relational databases - with great diagrams! 

My final take on Gradle (vs Maven)- Nicolas Frankel offers his considered approach to build tools - from his first ever build tool to Maven & Gradle. A very thoughtful & useful piece.

What Is an Apache Kafka Cluster?- Lucia Cerchie teaches you the basics of what an Apache Kafka cluster is & how they work, from brokers to partitions, how they balance load, & how they handle replication, & leader and replica failures. 

CDI Introduction & Exploring Polymorphism- Otavio Santana discusses why we should use CDI & explains how to explore Jakarta EE to use several patterns such as the SOLID principle. Read now.

Get in sync! The best way to use JPA bidirectional sync methods - Vlad Mihalcea shows you how to use these methods for one-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many associations. Read his thorough blog.

How Tiered Compilation works in OpenJDK- John Tortugo delves into the motivation behind tiered compilation using OpenJDK HotSpot, which is composed of different compilers in a tiered mechanism.

My ten year quest for concise lambda expressions in Java - Donald Raab details his 10-year mission to hold off the horde of for loops in Java!

The 10 commandments of navigating code reviews - Code reviews are a form of feedback, but unfortunately they often lack the thoughtfulness that would be exercised if you were being critiqued on anything else. 

Podcasts & Videos 

Full-Stack development is dead, long live Full-Stack development!- The gap between frontend & backend in web development has widened in recent years - Simon Martinelli shows how to develop web applications quickly as a Java full-stack developer.
A Deeper Dive Into Debugging- In this podcast, Adam Bien talks to Shai Almog about method breakpoints on exit & tracepoints, field watch points, a watchpoints steps on a different location, render library by IntelliJ IDEA & more. Listen now.
Otavio Santana on The Apache Cassandra Corner - Aaron Ploetz talks with him about his new book, how Apache Cassandra fits in with the landscape of Java application persistence, the role cloud native tech plays & more.

And... our first Payara podcast!
Open Source For All? Why Open Source is Perfect for Enterprises - For our first ever Payara podcast, our CEO & Founder Steve Millidge talks to Red Monk's Rachel Stephens about public perception of open source & why it IS great for enterprises.

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Payara News

  • We published '6 Reasons You Need an Application Server!'. Find us on software review websiteG2 as application server experts, telling those might not be familiar with Jakarta EE why application servers are vital for enterprises...
  • Payara's Fabio Turizo headed to JConf Guatemala ⬇️We were happy to sponsor and meet Guatemalan Jakarta EE users. 


  • We launched a free trial of Payara Cloud, our brand-new way of making cloud native deployment easier for you - watchthe demo video here and find out more ⬇️

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