Our Latest Guides for CTOs and Management

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At Payara, we create great resources for both developers and their managers. 

In this blog, we collate some of our recent guides that cater to those making decisions about what systems and processes to use in an organisation. 

We hope you will find something useful.

  • Business Process Automation (BPA) can be defined as the use of technology to streamline and simplify repetitive business processes
  • This guide covers how you can achieve the best BPA!
  • It covers Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation, Workflow Automation, Integration Automation and Low-Code/No-Code Automation

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Maximizing ROI with Enterprise Java: The Case For Enterprise Support

  • Payara-Maximising ROI with Enterprise_Page_01Enterprise support for Java provides a range of benefits that directly contribute to optimising a company’s Return On Investment (ROI).
  • From enhancing application performance to mitigating risks and reducing downtime, this guide explores how enterprise support can help your organisation maximise its investments in Java development.

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A Business Guide to Enterprise Development Options on the Java Platform

  • A Business Guide to Enterprise Development Options On_Page_01-1Enterprise applications have become even more critical in a fast paced digital ecosystem, spawned primarily by the commoditization of cheap cloud compute resources.
  • This business guide takes a look at how to assess enterprise application development options on the Java Platform.
  • We look at the rationale behind and differences between Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE), Spring Framework, Grails, Play and others.

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