JDK 11 Support Available in Payara Platform 5.194

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As you may have heard, Payara Platform 5.194 is now released! And with a boatload of new features, improvements and bug fixes, it also marks JDK 11 support coming out of tech preview! With much excitement from users, JDK 11 support has been in technical preview since 5.192.

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During a technical preview, we cannot guarantee that all the features will work the way you expect, and we don’t recommend using it in any mission critical scenarios. But now that it is out of technical preview, all supported features will work as expected, support will be provided to our customers, and we encourage people to use Payara Platform 5 with JDK 11 in production. Payara Server and Payara Micro are not vendor specific on which JVM you use, as long as it’s the right version, we support them. However, Zulu 8 and Zulu 11 offer Zulu Enterprise product support which is included in Payara Enterprise – and that can be handy when there are any issues you may be experiencing with the JVM.

JDK 11 introduces changes that you may find useful to know about, the list is too long to go into detail here, but some notable changes are:

  • Private methods for interfaces
  • Optional improvements
  • Immutable collections factory
  • TLS 1.3
  • JDK 9 and 10 changes (which for example, now allow the use of vars!)

Payara Platform 5 support for JDK 11 will continue until Payara 5’s end of life, and if you’re using Payara 4.x, support for JDK 8 will end in 2024 on Payara Enterprise support. Future Payara versions will be supported on LTS versions of Java, the next LTS version being Java 17. We will also aim to upgrade to the latest non-LTS version of Java if possible, however, it is not guaranteed and not supported.

We still support any operating system that supports a JVM.

Download the Latest Payara Platform Version Here

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