Jakarta EE CDI: What's New in Jakarta EE 10?

Photo of Alfonso Altamirano by Alfonso Altamirano

As Jakarta EE 10 approaches, we are taking a look at key Jakarta EE specifications in detail: what they do and how they have changed for Jakarta EE 10!

Today, Jakarta Context Dependency Injection or CDI, a very important specification that interacts with several others.

Download this new free fact sheet and find out:

  • What is Jakarta CDI?
  • What are the requirements for a CDI Bean? 
  • Why use Jakarta CDI? 
  • Changes inJakarta EE10: CDI Lite and changes to default mode to discover beans

Includes code examples for:

    • Creating a CDI bean
    • Inclusion on Jakarta-RS endpoints
    • Changing CDI bean-discovery-mode - in case you don't want default mode to be annotated

Download Fact SheetJakarta CDI-1