Jakarta EE 9.1 Launches!

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Payara Services are celebrating the release of Jakarta EE 9.1 Platform and Web Profile specifications and related TCKs.

With Jakarta EE 9.1, global source community Eclipse Foundation brings to Java developers the first incremental Jakarta EE release since the new namespace was introduced last year. Read the Eclipse Foundation announcement here - featuring a quote from our Founder and CEO Steve Millidge.

Payara's team have not only worked hard to ensure Jakarta EE 9.1 applications can be run in Payara Platform 5, but Payara Platform 6 alpha one is very close to being ready as a Compatible Implementation. Watch this space! 

What Does the Release of Jakarta EE 9.1 Mean For Enterprises?

Last year’s Jakarta EE 9 release in October saw the move from the package namespace javax to jakarta across the Jakarta EE 9 Platform, Web Profile specifications, and related TCKs. 

Today’s release takes the enterprise Java specifications to the next stage for innovation and efficiency, by unlocking compatibility between Jakarta EE and the very latest LTS of Java SE, Java SE 11.

Enterprises will now be able to develop and deploy Jakarta EE 9.1 applications on Java SE 11, as well as Java SE 8. This will allow those using Jakarta EE specifications to take advantage of new Java SE features, leverage new technologies from the SE, move Jakarta EE 9 applications without changes and use the same straightforward process to migrate to Jakarta EE 9.1 as they did for Jakarta EE 9.

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Our Involvement

Payara Services works closely with Eclipse Foundation, the global open source community that is the home of Jakarta EE. We are members of the Jakarta EE Working Group, where vendors join forces to collaborate and innovate in the development of enterprise Java technologies.

Payara team members have therefore been closely involved throughout the process of updating Jakarta EE for this new iteration. 

Our CEO and FounderSteve Millidge said: 

“Payara are excited by the release of Jakarta EE 9.1 as this paves the way for innovation in Jakarta EE 10. We support running Jakarta EE 9.1 applications now in Payara Platform 5 and will soon release Payara Platform 6 alpha 1 as a Compatible Implementation. Congratulations to all on this significant milestone.”

Payara Server 6 alpha 1 

One of the Payara engineers working on upcoming Payara Server 6 is Principal Developer Gaurav Gupta. We asked him a couple of questions about the process:

What will Payara Platform 6 alpha 1 bring for Payara users?

"Payara Server 6 alpha is a technical preview release and will be a Compatible Implementation of Jakarta EE 9.1. There will be no new functionality, but it will enact the new 'Big Bang' namespace change of Jakarta EE 9.

Jakarta EE 9 focused on transforming all the specification APIs to the new jakarta namespace, and a few Jakarta EE 8 specifications were pruned, which were no longer relevant for the community.

Jakarta EE 9 and 9.1 form the foundation of the next era of innovative features incorporated by Jakarta EE 10. "

How will our customers  benefit from our approach?
"Although Jakarta EE 9 namespace transition introduces breaking changes, applications with the older namespace (javax) will also be able to be deployed to Payara Server 6. It will utilize Eclipse Transformer tools to transform the application to the new namespace jakarta during deployment so customers may switch to the new Jakarta EE namespace incrementally or all at once.
We are making sure Payara 6 is compatible with both Java 8 and Java 11 so there are no specific features of Java 11 which will break compatibility with Java SE 8."

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