Introducing Payara Starter: The Code Scaffolding Tool for Rapid Jakarta EE Development

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In the dynamic world of software development, efficiency and speed are key. This is where Payara Starter, our new code scaffolding tool, comes in. Designed to streamline and simplify the initial setup process, Payara Starter helps developers like you kickstart your Jakarta EE projects with ease, whether you prefer Maven or Gradle build systems.

Why Payara Starter?

Setting up a new Jakarta EE project can often be a time-consuming task, depending on the bits you need in your initial code setup. Payara Starter addresses this challenge by providing a user-friendly interface to scaffold a project quickly. It tailors the setup according to the specific needs of your project, enabling you to hit the ground running.

Key Features of Payara Starter

Choice of Build System: Flexibility is at the core of Payara Starter, offering support for both Maven and Gradle projects. This ensures compatibility with your preferred build and dependency management system.

Customizable Project Details: Define essential project details like Group ID, Artifact ID, and the base package name right from the start, ensuring your project aligns with your organization's naming conventions and structure.

Java and Jakarta EE Version Selection: With the ever-evolving landscape of Java and Jakarta EE, Payara Starter allows you to select the specific versions you wish to target, ensuring compatibility and leveraging the latest features.

MicroProfile Integration: Payara Starter includes options to integrate MicroProfile APIs, giving you a head start in developing resilient, scalable services.

Payara Platform Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with the Payara Platform, the tool ensures that your application is ready to deploy on your choice of Payara runtime, known for its robustness and enterprise-grade features.

Test Templates: Optionally include test templates in your project setup. This encourages best practices in testing right from the start of the project lifecycle.

Advanced Configuration for Security: Security is paramount in application development. Payara Starter goes a step further with optional advanced configuration for setting up authentication through Jakarta Security, making it easier to build secure applications right from start

How Does Payara Starter Work?

Payara Starter's workflow is designed to be intuitive and straightforward. You begin by selecting your project's build system (Maven or Gradle) and proceed to fill in basic project details. You can then choose the versions for Java, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile, along with any additional configurations like testing frameworks or security setups. Once all options are selected, click Generate and starter will scaffold you application and make it available for download. Done. 


Payara Starter is your companion in the journey of creating modern, efficient, and secure Jakarta EE applications. By automating the initial setup and reducing the manual configuration overhead, it allows you to focus on what you do best: writing great code. Whether you are starting a new project or looking to streamline your existing development process, give Payara Starter a try and experience a smoother, faster way to develop Jakarta EE applications. Happy Coding!

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