Hype-Driven Development: Don't Be a Victim!

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

We are launching a new video series: Quick Fire Java with Payara! The first episode sees Payara Product Manager, Rudy De Busscher, discuss "Hype-Driven Development"; software investments based on "buzz" around a trend or product, rather than whether it actually works for your specific use case. 

We askedRudywhat technologies, commonly used withJakarta EE, can often be a case of hype over helpfulness.

Red flags for Rudy include:

  • Kubernetes when not necessary
  • Ahead-of-time compilation(AOT)
  • Reactive programming
  • Event stream processing
  • Function as a service.
This doesn't mean the above are always the wrong choice, but that these technologies are often not suitable for smaller businesses and their unique software needs. Not every business is a Netflix or Amazon! He explains, for each technology, why rather than being a "must-have", the decision to adopt must be carefully considered. He also discusses steps you can take to avoid falling victim to hype-driven trends in general.

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This is the first in a series where we'll ask key questions on subjects that matter to our community, for example aroundJava,Jakarta EE(previously Java EE), MicroProfile, DevOps, DevSecOps, database management and cloud. We'll quiz an expert each month to create a concise 10-minute video.

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