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Payara in the Press! Steve Millidge, our CEO and Founder, was interviewed by Hosting Advice about our new product, Payara Cloud.   

HA-Payara-1-1Hosting Adviceprovides reliable advice, how-to guides, reviews, and much more from hosting and programming experts. The interview features in its blog section:

Payara Launches a Next-Gen Serverless Solution to Simplify Deployment of Jakarta EE Applications on the Cloud

As they summarize: 

"TL; DR: Payara offers a serverless solution that simplifiesJakarta EE (formerly Java EE) deployments on the cloud, allowing developers to operate with speed and agility. "

Read how Payara Cloud is:

  • Accelerating the Developer Life Cycle with an Automated Platform
  • Championing Developers with a “Write Once, Run Anywhere” Principle
  • Releasing New Updates to Support Jakarta EE 10

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