Deploy Jakarta EE & MicroProfile Apps Faster with the Payara Cloud Maven Plugin

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As a Java developer, you've probably experienced the challenges of deploying Jakarta EE or MicroProfile applications to the cloud. Setting up infrastructure, configuring servers and dealing with the gamut of cloud environments can be a major deviation from your core development tasks, ultimately influencing your productivity. However, there are tools that you can leverage to simplify and streamline cloud deployments. One is Payara Cloud Maven plugin - let's look at what it offers and how to use it in this blog post.

Payara Cloud Maven Plugin

Payara Cloud Maven plugin integrates with Payara Cloud, our fully managed Payara-as-a-Service platform, to simplify your deployment workflow. The plugin has a number of goals that automate the continuous deployment of your Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications to Payara Cloud.

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Why Use the Payara Cloud Maven Plugin?

  • Simplify Deployments: With a few simple commands, you can deploy your Java applications directly to Payara Cloud without having to manually manage infrastructure or cloud configurations.
  • Better Integration: The plugin integrates directly into your existing Maven build process, making it easy to incorporate into your development workflow.
  • Developer-Friendly: Whether you're deploying to production or testing in a development environment, the plugin offers goals for common tasks.
  • Improved Productivity: Automate your deployment process, saving you valuable time and effort.


The Payara Cloud Maven Plugin offers the following goals:

  • login: Securely authenticate with your Payara Cloud account.
  • start: Start an application that's already been deployed but is currently stopped.
  • stop: Stop a running application deployed on Payara Cloud.
  • deploy: Deploy your application to Payara Cloud.
  • undeploy: Remove a previously deployed application from Payara Cloud.
  • dev: Enter "live deploy" mode to automatically redeploy your application to Payara Cloud whenever you save changes in your IDE.

How to Get Started

Add the plugin dependency to your project's pom.xml:






 (Replace LATEST_VERSION with the actual version for example 1.0-Alpha2)

Alternatively, you can scaffold a new Jakarta EE and MicroProfile project using our starter scaffolding tool here

Configure Payara Cloud Credentials

Securely store your Payara Cloud credentials in Maven settings or provide them through command-line options. You can also use the login goal to login.

Use the Goals

Execute Maven commands with the appropriate plugin goals:

mvn payara-cloud:deploy  # Deploy your application

mvn payara-cloud:dev     # Start live-reload development mode

The Future of Cloud-Native Java

The Payara Cloud Maven Plugin simplifies cloud-native development for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile projects. It integrates with your Maven build process, making cloud deployments and daily development easier so you can concentrate on creating innovative applications.

Get started with this new plugin by signing up for your FREE 15-day trial of Payara Cloud now.

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