Watch webinar recording - 'Maximizing Developer Productivity: Tools and Techniques For Java Developers' with Trisha Gee

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There are now a lot of advanced productivity tools that can help software developers streamlining their coding activity, e.g. automating repetitive but necessary tasks or supporting troubleshooting. This webinar - watch here - with Trisha Gee, Java Champion and Developer Evangelist at Gradle, and Luqman Saeed, Jakarta EE Expert at Payara, covers some of the most effective strategies and latest solutions that can help engineers with their Java application developments. 


Here's what you can find in this video:

Productivity Fundamentals: We discuss 'anti-productivity' and 'pro-productivity' aspects that developers typically encounter.

Effective Coding Tools: We explore some of the top productivity tools that can help you write, edit, compile, build, test and debug your code and applications. 

Useful Strategies: We talk about how, in addition to leveraging the right tools, it's important to adopt effective productivity strategies. An example is tracking how you spend your time, as coding is often only one of many other activities software developers need to focus on. Monitoring how long individual tasks take can also help you identify bottlenecks and areas that can be improved.

The Role of Generative AI: We discuss how generative AI can help developers improve their productivity by quickly delivering code. We also cover potential limitations, especially for less experienced professionals who may not be able to identify issue with the code generated. 

Q&A Session: We cover practical issues from software developers that are keen to enhance their productivity. 

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