Comprehensive Getting Started Guide – Payara Server

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Payara Platform is an open source middleware platform that supports Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE) applications in ANY environment: on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. 

It is a solution to GlassFish problems such as lack of supported Docker images and automation assistance, no internal monitoring system and an absence of modern security standards and critical server event alerts and notfiers. It is also an alternative to Oracle Weblogic, Wildfly, JBoss EAP, WebSphere, OpenLiberty and more. 

Our previous Getting Started guide had not been updated with improvements to Payara Platform, such as our hide password with password aliases feature - and did not contain comprehensive guides to integration with other technologies.

Our Updated Guide Includes: 

  • Installing the Payara Server: Build Tool, IDE options
  • Different methods to deploy the Payara Server 
  • Deploying an application in Payara Server 
  • Guide to configuring and using a database
  • Different Database and Datasource options
  • Additional resources such as creating a RESTFUL web service and security auditing
  • Explanations for use of features with both Admin Console and asadmin CLI 

Get started withPayara Platform Enterprisefor your mission critical systems in production, and access security patches, an upgrade tool for moving to new releases, support from our dedicated engineers, and guaranteed monthly releases and stability. 

It is compatible withEclipseMicroProfileandJakarta EE and with services you may already be using, usich asMicrosoft Azure,Amazon AWS andGoogle Cloud Platform, and container friendly, including Dockerand deep support for running on aKubernetes infrastructure. 

There is also Payara Platform Community, suitable for smaller projects and innovation, but not for use in production. 

What are you waiting for? Download our new Comprehensive Getting Started Guide:Getting started guide

Getting Started Guide