Changes to Payara Platform Community Versioning System

Photo of Debbie Hoffman by Debbie Hoffman

As the recent June release (download here!) marks the first official release since splitting our product into two separate software editions, Payara Platform Enterprise and Payara Platform Community, you may notice the versioning has been updated.

Payara Community will follow a continuous delivery life-cycle categorised by marching versions. For example:

Major Version Number . Year . Release Number

  • Major Version numbers will start from 5 (the current major version of Payara Platform) and only increment by 1 when a new major version (e.g Payara Platform 6) is released.
  • Year will start from 2020 and increment by 1 annually.
  • Release Number numbers will start from 1 and increments regularly. Payara Community offers frequent releases to drive innovation. These version changes will introduce any combination of big features, small enhancements, rewrites, and bug fixes. The Minor Version number will reset to 1 when the Year increments (annually).

There is no backwards compatible requirements for a release number change and you may have to change your application and/or configuration scripts to migrate to a new release number.

If you have any further questions about the recent Payara Platform release changes, check out our FAQ .