Adam Bien: Overview of Next Generation Cloud Java Runtimes (Video)

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As part of Closed Beta testing, we offeredJakarta EEexpert, Java Champion,bloggerand podcaster,Adam Biena trial of our next-generation cloud-native application runtime,  Payara Cloud. 

He went on to discuss Payara Cloud as an alternative to HelidonandQuarkus; a 'serverless server'. He included it in hisMid-Year 2021 Observations and Reflectionsand created a video with hisinitial thoughts. Read our previous blog, rounding up his comments so far,here.

At theJ4Kconference this year, he went into further detail. He told viewers:“I really like the idea [of Payara Cloud]. Why? Because it is the opposite of where everyone is going with smaller and smaller runtimes, you can go that route or another route.” You can now view the video of this talk to watch him demonstrate Payara Cloud live and see how he reached this conclusion.  

Watch the Video Here: 


Adam covers:

  • His answer to the question, 'Do application servers have a bright future?'
  • Why Payara Cloud can be thought of as a 'serverless server' 
  • Live deployment to Kubernetes with 'the server that managesKubernetes for you'
  • What Payara Cloud will be especially useful for - he highlights applications which are old and have corrupt files, yet management still insists they get pushed to the cloud, as Payara Cloud allows you to keep plumbing 'behind the scenes' 
  • How Payara Cloud stands out from where other providers are going i.e. smaller and smaller runtimes


Payara Cloud will be available in the very near future. Let us know you're interested to ensure you receive the latest updates.

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