A Quick Guide To Dynamic Queries with Jakarta Persistence

by Chiara Civardi

To effectively express a query, it's important to utilize a typesafe way that help you enhance readability and reduce runtime errors.

Our latest User Guide - available to download here - discusses how to use the Jakarta Persistence API (JPA) Criteria API to build dynamic entity queries programmatically. 


Why Criteria API? Ebook cover

The Criteria API is one of the most common ways of constructing dynamic queries for entities and their persistent state.  A Criteria query typically follows this structure:

  • Obtain CriteriaBuilder
  • Create CriteriaQuery
  • Define roots
  • Construct Where clause
  • (Optional) Define OrderBy, GroupBy, Having clauses

In order to set up dynamic queries, all these elements need to be addressed. To learn how to use the Criteria API in your Jakarta EE applications, including how to create a query definition, utilise query roots, path expressions and various clauses, download a free copy of our guide now. 

A Quick Guide To Dynamic Queries with Jakarta Persistence  E-BOOK DOWNLOAD