6 Production Features of GlassFish & Payara Server You May Not Know About

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1. Payara Server has a full web based administration console

The Payara administration console is fully featured and provides a single view of all clustered and standalone Payara servers. New servers can be created, configured and controlled from the administration console. Applications and resources can be deployed across the whole domain all from the administration console.


Payara Production Features 1


2. Payara Server has a fully scriptable Command Line Interface


The asadmin tool provides a full scriptable command line interface for the administration of a Payara domain. Using the asadmin scripting tool a complete Payara domain creation across multiple physical servers can be fully scripted in a repeatable way. Domain creation scripts can be versioned and managed in source control systems to provide standard repeatable builds. Also using asadmin servers can be monitored and controlled purely from the command line.See our script examples on Git Hub: https://github.com/payara/Payara-Examples/tree/master/Administration-Samples

3. Payara Server has a full REST based management console

Administration commands available both in the web based admin console and the asadmin CLI are also available over REST. This enables operators to build additional capabilities using and client language that can use REST. For example Javascript UIs can be rapidly built to provide custom views over Payara Server’s administration and monitoring data.


Payara Production Features 2


4. Payara Server is fully instrumented via JMX

Payara Server provides a full set of monitoring JMX MBeans enabling simple and rapid integration to any JMX based monitoring program to provide historical metrics and alerts.


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5. Payara Server supports rolling upgrades of Java EE applications

Payara Server allows multiple versions of an application to be deployed to a cluster of Payara Servers. The latest version of an application can then be enabled in turn across all the cluster members ensuring continued availability without losing any web session state.


Payara Production Features 4



6. Payara Server is fully supported in Production

Payara Server is fully supportedwith 24/7 P1 screen sharing assistance from experienced Payara Engineers combined with monthly patch releases and on demand hot fixes.



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