What’s New In The May 2024 Payara Platform Release

Photo of Luqman Saeed by Luqman Saeed

We're happy to announce the May 2024 release of Payara Platform! These updates bring a smoother user experience, security fixes, and essential component upgrades to keep your Jakarta EE applications running at their best.

 Payara Platform  Download Here 

Key Highlights

  • No More Distracting Warnings: We've eliminated the HTTP/2 warning, ensuring a cleaner development experience.
  • Admin Console Improvements: Deleting system properties directly from the admin console is now possible.
  • Version Number Clarity: The version number display in the admin console has been fixed to accurately reflect all characters.
  • Extensive Component Upgrades: We've upgraded numerous underlying components to their latest versions, enhancing performance and stability.

Why These Enhancements Matter

These updates reflect our dedication to providing a seamless and secure Jakarta EE runtime. By addressing these issues, you'll enjoy:

  • Increased productivity: Focus on coding rather than troubleshooting odd warnings or administrative quirks.
  • Greater confidence: Know that Payara is actively maintained to meet the evolving security landscape.
  • Improved application stability: The upgraded components offer the latest fixes and optimizations from their respective development teams.

Get the Updates Now!

Head to our download page to get your hands on the latest versions. Let us know how these updates improve your workflow!

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