What’s New In The March 2024 Payara Platform Release

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We're happy to announce the March 2024 release of Payara Platform Enterprise 6.12.0 and Community 6.2024.3. This release brings a number of improvements, bug fixes, and component upgrades, delivering greater reliability for your Jakarta EE workloads.

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Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Configuration Flexibility: Felix, the underlying OSGi framework, gains more control in system package selection, streamlining configuration and reducing potential conflicts.
  • Improved Deployment Experience: Resolved an issue where temporary files could linger after deployments, ensuring a clean and tidy environment.
  • Reliable Restarts: Standalone instances now behave as expected during restarts, guaranteeing your applications stay up and running without manual intervention.
  • Component Upgrades: A number of underlying components have been upgraded to their latest versions, providing the most up-to-date features, security patches, and performance boosts.

Where to Get the Updates

You can download the latest Payara Community 6.2024.3 here and get a trial of Payara Enterprise 6.12.0 here. 

You can find the full release notes for Payara Community 6.2024.3 here, and those of Payara Enterprise 6.12.0 here

We Love Your Feedback!

As always, we welcome your thoughts and experiences with these updates. Please feel free to share your feedback through the Payara community channels or directly leave a comment on this blog.

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