What’s New In The June 2024 Payara Platform Release

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Freshly rejuvenated from the annual Payara Retreat, we're pleased to announce the latest releases of Payara Platform, bringing a range of updates across our Community and Enterprise editions. These updates include bug fixes, performance optimizations, security enhancements and component upgrades to ensure your Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications continue to run smoothly.

Key Improvements:

Payara Platform Community 6.2024.6

  • Improved Performance: Optimized MR-jar class loading for faster application startup and operation. 
  • Enhanced Stability:
    • Addressed session timeout inconsistencies when using Session Replication with lite members.
    • Fixed issue where Persistence Context was null on CDI injected beans in MDBs.
    • Resolved issue with HSTS breaking artifact uploads on Secure Admin Listener.
    • Prevented JavaMail warnings due to missing configuration files.
  • Security: Upgraded Payara Security Connectors to version 3.1.1.
  • Component Upgrades: Various enhancements for improved functionality and compatibility.

Payara Platform Enterprise 6.15.0

  • Includes all improvements and fixes from Payara Platform Community 6.2024.6.
  • Additional Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved a compatibility issue with Spring Boot and file systems.
    • Fixed an error caused by disabling TLS 1.2 while TLS 1.3 was enabled.

Payara Platform Enterprise 5.64.0

  • Security: Upgraded Payara Security Connectors to version 2.7.1.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate was null on Java 17+.
    • Resolved an EJB deployment error.
    • Fixed a display issue with TLS 1.3 on the Admin Console.
  • Component Upgrades: Updated JAXB Impl to 2.3.9  and other components.

Payara Starter

Payara Starter, our easy to use Jakarta EE and MicroProfile scaffolding solution for software applications, also got some performance improvement updates. It is now also integrated with Payara Cloud. With this update, you can include the Payara Cloud Maven plugin in your new project, so you can deploy your applications to our Payara-as-a-Service platform directly from your development environment.

Detailed Release Notes

As always, we appreciate the valuable contributions from the Payara community. Your feedback and involvement help us continuously enhance the platform.

Payara Roadmap Update at the Virtual Payara conference - Join Us! 

The free Virtual Payara Conference is just around the corner! If you want to hear more about what is coming in Payara Platform, make sure you join us on Day 1 - Developer Insight, on Wednesday the 26th of June (talks also available on demand for those who register) to hear from our Product Team.

Begin the day with an in-depth look at the Payara Platform’s evolution. This session will highlight significant milestones, upcoming features, and future goals that will shape the next generation of secure and innovative Java applications.Developer Speaker Cards-01

Developer Insight track is tailored for developers and technical professionals who are involved in the design and development of Java applications. This day features an array of sessions aimed at providing practical insights and hands-on knowledge to enhance the security and resilience of your solutions.

Join us for this free conference designed for developers, IT professionals & decision-makers who are keen to enhance their knowledge and skills in creating secure Java environments.

  • Free virtual conference focusing on Java Security & Cyber Resilience
  • Developer Insight & Strategic Insight tracks
  • Hear from industry leaders, Java & Jakarta EE Experts – Mike Milinkovich (Eclipse Foundation), Julia Apostle (Orrick), Ram Lakshmanan (vCrash), Otavio Santana & more
  • Choose which sessions you want to attend
  • Talks available on-demand after the conference for all who register

Find out more and register here.


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