What’s New In The December 2023 Payara Platform Release?

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Diving into the digital depths with a surge of enhancements, the December 2023 release of Payara Platform has arrived. This release comes with significant improvements, bug fixes, and component upgrades, further enhancing the robustness and capabilities of the Payara Platform for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications.

Payara Enterprise 6.9.0 (request your free trial here) comes with 3 improvements, 4 bug fixes and 7 component upgrades. Payara Community 6.2023.12 (download here) also comes with 2 improvements, 3 bug fixes and 7 component upgrades.

Key Highlights of Payara Enterprise 6.9.0

Notable Improvements:

  • Community Contributions: Payara Enterprise 6.9.0 includes community contributions, such as the enhancement of Hazelcast Partition Group according to Instance Group and improvements in Hazelcast CP Subsystem Integration Behaviour. These contributions reflect our commitment to community-driven development.
  • Enhancements in Payara BOM: The Payara Bill of Materials (BOM) has been enhanced for version consistency with the Payara API dependency, simplifying dependency management for developers.
  • JDK 21 Docker Images: Keeping up with the latest Java releases, Payara now publishes Docker images compatible with JDK 21, ensuring developers have access to the latest and most secure Java features.

Critical Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues include fixing false-positive stuck threads, addressing JMS High Availability challenges in Deployment Groups, and more. These fixes enhance the reliability and stability of Payara Enterprise.

Component Upgrades:

  • Upgrades include Jersey 3.1.3, Woodstox Core to 6.5.1, Apache Ant to 1.10.14, and several others, ensuring that the underlying components of Payara Enterprise are up-to-date and secure.

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Payara Community 6.2023.12 - What's New

Payara Community 6.2023.12 also receives its share of updates, maintaining alignment with enterprise in many areas.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Similar to the enterprise edition, this release includes enhancements in Payara BOM and the publishing of JDK 21 Docker images. It also addresses key bugs, improving the overall performance and reliability of the platform.

Component Upgrades:

  • The community edition parallels the enterprise version in component upgrades, ensuring both editions benefit from the latest versions of critical underlying technologies.

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Whether you are a Payara Enterprise or Community user, these releases bring valuable updates to enhance your development experience. Payara is committed to staying current with Java standards while addressing the needs and feedback of its diverse user base. For more detailed information on these releases, take a look at the full release notes. As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions to make Payara Platform even better.