Webinar: How to Keep OpenJDK 8 with Support & Security Updates Through 2024

Photo of Dominika Tasarz by Dominika Tasarz

Wondering what the January 2019 changes to Oracle JDK mean for your business? Join Senior Payara Services Engineer, Fabio Turizo, for a short, informative webinar and get your questions answered!


Join our webinar, Dec 12, 2018 3:00 PM London Time


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In the past, most businesses could operate just fine without commercial Java support, thanks to the public availability of security updates and bug fixes to ensure each new version of Java released remained stable over a long period. After January 2019, you’ll need a commercial contract to get timely Java security updates and bug fixes, so either you’ll need to update your JDK every six months OR – you can get a Payara Enterprise support contract which includes access to fully supported builds of Zulu Enterprise OpenJDK 8 with commercial support until 2024. Support customers have access to all bug fixes and enhancements, including backported critical security updates and bug fixes to all supported releases, from Java 7 onwards.

Register for our webinar to learn more about:

  • Oracle JDK release changes and how developers and organizations can continue using/licensing their JDK implementations.
  • What is Zulu JDK and what can it do for you?
  • Understanding the benefits of Payara Services OpenJDK support.

Submit your questions ahead of time (use the form below or send them to marketing@payara.fish) to ensure we cover exactly what you want to know – there will be a question and answer period at the end of our short presentation.