Watch the video: Jakarta EE NoSQL with Google Cloud Firestore

Photo of Dominika Tasarz by Dominika Tasarz

In this code-focused webinar we took a look at how you can use the Google Cloud Firestore NoSQL database service in a Jakarta EE application. The recording is now available to watch - see below or head over to our YouTube Channel.

NoSQL has become a popular RDMS alternative for enterprise applications. There are a myriad of options available for developers to choose from. With advantages such as flexible data models, generally faster queries, support for horizontal scaling and easier developer experience, NoSQL is a great alternative to have in your developer toolbox.

During the webinar we cover:
  • How to setup your Jakarta EE application to connect to Google Cloud Firestore
  • How to model your data
  • How to use Jakarta Bean Validation for validating business constraints
  • How to expose your application through Jakarta REST and return meaningful validation error messages
  • How to save, read, update and remove data in Firestore
  • How to use Jakarta CDI to create different components for interfacing with the NoSQL database
  • Compare and contrast NoSQL with SQL
  • Answer your questions and more
By the end of this developer focused webinar, you will learn how to use the existing Jakarta EE API constructs to integrate the external Firestore NoSQL database into your own applications.

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