Watch webinar recording - Mastering Java Message Service: A Jakarta EE Developer's Guide

by Chiara Civardi

Asynchronous communications are an essential elements of flexible and scalable Jakarta EE applications, as they can support the independent processing of multiple tasks, leading to improved performance and responsiveness. This webinar with Petr Aubrecht  & Luqman Saeed - watch here - delves into the world of Java Message Service (JMS) and its integration within Jakarta EE applications to help developers harness the power of asynchronous communications and messaging for enhanced architectures.


Here's what the video covers:

Messaging Fundamentals: We discuss the core concepts behind messaging patterns and elucidate their benefits in building resilient and distributed systems. Understanding these principles lays a solid foundation for leveraging JMS effectively within your applications.

JMS Essentials: We explore the essentials of JMS, including the JMS API, message types and the mechanics of sending and receiving messages within Jakarta EE environments. This section provides invaluable insights to level up your messaging skills.

Real-World Use Cases: We present you real-world case studies to help you discover how JMS can advance your application architecture.

Step-by-Step Demo: To bring theory into practice, we present a comprehensive demonstration that guides you through the process of building JMS-powered applications, showcasing best practices and sharing tips for maximizing the efficiency and reliability of your messaging infrastructure.

Annotation-Driven JMS: We look at how you can simplify your development workflow with annotation-driven JMS, helping you annotate your code to seamlessly integrate messaging capabilities.

Messaging Configuration: We walk you through two convenient methods for configuring messaging resources for Jakarta EE applications using Payara: AdminUI asadmin CLI. Whether you prefer point-and-click simplicity or command-line efficiency, this task couldn't been easier.


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