The Payara Monthly Catch from November 2020

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks
The big news from this month was the General Availability release of Jakarta EE 9 on November 20th, moving to the jarkarta namespace once and for all. This will be followed by an official release at the Eclipse Foundation's JakartaOne Livestream on December 8th - at which our Founder Steve Millidge is a key speaker. You can register to attend here
It's also been a month of exciting news for Payara as a business, as we've extended our partnership with Azul Systems and taken key steps towards beta testing of our exciting Payara Cloud project, all alongside our regular monthly platform release. We've also been excited to see Payara used as examples in Community materials such as Otávio Santana, Geovanny Mendoza, and Aristides Bravo's new Jakarta EE guide, in various learning materials and blogs, and in a Microsoft tutorial! 
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Monthly Catch Social Media


What Are Garbage Collection Logs, Thread Dumps, and Heap Dumps? - This DZone article takes you through these 3 critical artifacts, created by the Java Virtual Machine, that are useful for optimizing performance and troubleshooting production problems.

Eclipse Foundation IOT Developer Survey - This reveals Java dominates the IoT space, especially for IoT Cloud and Edge - with Payara also an ideal solution for building Edge Servers. 

Configure MicroProfile with Azure Key Vault - This Microsoft tutorial demonstrates how to configure a MicroProfile application to retrieve secrets from Azure Key Vault: using Payara Micro to create the Java EE war file in the code sample!

Using Java Flight Recorder and Mission Control - Java Flight Recorder can be used in production, continuously, with Payara Server 5, to diagnose an incident instantly: as explained by Payara’s Rudy De Busscher in this recent blog. Here, Brice Dutheil also provides an introduction in Foojay. You can see the original blog with more info here.

Kubernetes and the Enterprise - This DZone Survey reveals containerisation adoption is high (90%), but Kubernetes add a lot of complexity, with operators of public-facing 'pet' servers less likely to be satisfied.

Mapping Collections with Hibernate and JPA - Thorben Janssen explores three main ways to map collections using these tools - which can both be used with Payara Platform. 

How to Enable Developer Teams to Improve Container Security - This New Stack article by Sarah Conway from Snyk provides useful tips for ensuring your container images are secure.

Which Java HTTP client should I use in 2020? - Using Java for Web Development ? This information-packed post helps make sense of the broad range of HTTP Client libraries available to you - inputting them into a handy chart comparing features. 

3 ways to Polyglot with GraalVM - This useful guide by Michael Simons will help Payara users who have chosen GraalVM for their Java Virtual Machine - with Payara supported on both the Enterprise and Community editions.

Code Faster with IntellijIDEA - This useful talk by JetBrains Developer Advocate Helen Scott focuses on how to maximise your time using the IDE.

For the Record: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action - Take a look at where Java EE is headed with this article by Sirisha Pratha for Foojay, as she discusses one of the most significant new  preview features, record classes.

Java logging: what should you log and what not? - Snyk’s Brian Vermeer provides a guide to logging and its DevOps value.

Modern Java toys that boost productivity, from text interference to text blocks - With new releases now every 6 months, it can be hard to keep up with shiny new Java features. Angie Jones discusses her favourite recent additions. 

Comic Of The Month

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Videos & Podcasts

Database spotlight: MySQL -  MySQL is an open-source relational database you can use with Payara. Experts Otávio Santana, Dave Stokes, Airton Lastori and Larry Garfield discuss its relevance and where the project is headed.

Payara provided the OpenJDK platform Foojay’s first video-based post Ondro Mihályi demonstrates how third-party services like Auth0 help secure Enterprise Microservices, and what MicroProfile offers for DevSecOps in combination with Kubernetes. 

A great selection of content covered in this London Java Community Lunchtime Lightning Talk - from Helen Scott on self-promotion, to Matthew Lodge automated test writing - a good mix of Java content and wider talking points.

Modern Backed Development with Jakarta EE - Jorge Cajas on how Java EE becoming Jakarta EE has created a more proactive community, with Payara a key player. A must-watch for the relationship between Java EE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile.

What Should Happen in 2021 with Java Backends and Web FrontendsAdam Bien's informative talk at JCon Conference uses Payara in his demonstration (16.30) and mentions us in relation to MicroProfile (38.18). 

JAX-RS Done Right! (Default Entity Providers) - Separating domain logic of the http body handling from technical aspects is easy in JAX-RS thanks to Entity Providers, as Markus Karg explains in this video, supported by code example in GitLab. 

Java EE 6 to Jakarta EE  9 Migration - In this practical how-to video, Adam Bien suggests Payara as a more stable counterpart to GlassFish as it's production-ready, Open Source and offers commercial support. Watch here, find Payara mention 1.00 - 1.26. 

In conversation: Edwin Derks and Ivar Grimstad on Jakarta EE  9 - This video provides a useful overview of what this technical release entails and how it will lay groundwork for Jakarta EE 10. Interesting discussion of release cadence too!

Community News

Payara Cloud is coming - In our blog, project lead Patrik Dudits explains: our next-gen cloud-native application server will handle cloud infrastructure, letting you concentrate on development. No need to learn kubernetes! 

Jakarta EE 9 is now available in Maven - Ivar Grimstad explains how to start using it in this blog. 

Expanded Support for Open Source Software Projects - Some of our Community users may be interested in the fact Docker has expanded its special program for Open Source projects, to get continued free access and freedom from restrictions. 

New Relic Offers Real-Time Java Profiler via JFR  - This provides visibility across many JVMs over a long period of time via Java Flight Recorder, with the potential to further help users track values whilst your application is up and running. Erik Costlow writes in InfoQ. 

Creating Tokens with MicroProfile JWT and JDBC Realm - Joe Dayz has started using Payara with MicroProfile and Jakarta EE - and is inspired by Victor Orozco in this project. Enjoy his step-by-step demonstration.

New Jakarta EE book - "Building Modern Web Applications With Jakarta EE, NoSQL Databases and Microservices"  by Otávio Santana, Geovanny Mendoza, and Aristides Bravo is a guide to Jakarta EE with MicroProfile. The examples use Payara and Otávio's blog on our website explains more.

GraalVM 20.3 is available - In this blog by Oleg Šelajev, he takes you through the new features of GraalVM - a JVM known for its polyglot capabilities. You can use it to write polyglot applications which can run on Payara. 

We've extended our contract with Azul - Shipping secure Zulu Enterprise OpenJDK builds with Payara Enterprise. Learn more and hear from customer Rekryteringsmyndigheten about how this will benefit them. 

How joining Java Community shaped my year so far - Neha Sardana's blog highlights so much of what we love about being a part of this community. She also recommends contributing to Open Source. 

What's New in Maven 4.0 - This blog by Maarten Mulders looks ahead to Maven 4.0. If you use Maven as your build automation tool, look forward to improvements such as automatic builds on GitHub and updated default plugin versions.