Thank You Community Contributors - October, November, December

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

As the year draws to a close, we'd like to thank some of the contributors who have played a part in the development of the Payara platform. 

We are an open source business at heart and therefore invite passionate individuals to submit pull requests on GitHub and shape the future of our products. 

In the wake of theLog4jvulnerability, it's been easy to criticize open source. But asMongoDB's Matt Asay put it in a recentarticle: "Open source, by making the software and surrounding processes permeable and accessible, improves security (or can), rather than degrading it." The passion of individuals leads to some of the greatest innovations. 

Payara Platform has the best of both worlds, with these contributions vetted, managed and incorporated alongside robust support inPayara Enterprise,our open source solution for mission critical projects. Payara Community is a solution for smaller, non-production projects.

Community Contributors Oct to December

We’d like to say thank you to:

Philip noticed and provided a bug fix for when full state saving withEclipse Mojarrawas resulting in the error,  ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException. Useful help for integration of Payara with Mojarra, a  JavaServer Faces implementation that like Payara, shares its name with an obscure fish! 

Markus suggested updatingEclipse Yassonfrom its 1.0.6 to 1.0.9, offering his advice and experience having used different versions. This suggestion was then taken forward and tested for backwards compatibility issues by the Payara team. Yasson is a Java framework which provides a standard binding layer between Java classes and JSON documents. 

Markus Kargis a Java expert with 30 years experience in the industry and his ownblogand YouTube channel full of Java tips, so it was great to get his support in improving the Payara Platform. 

Alexander fixed an EJB timer bug with a manual patch. 

Arren noticed that the method GetOptionalValues throws the NoSuchElementException if the result is empty.

Christoph provided a fix to prevent the NullPointerException in com.sun.jts.CosTransactions.RecoveryManager.

Christoph, Arren and Alexander made their first contributions, so we will be sending them Payara swag. They can look forward to the likes of the below swimming towards them in the post! 

Sven provided a fix for a lost read lock in RW LockDataStructure. Not only did this fix the problem, but it actuallyimproved performance

Want to help shape theJakarta EEapplication server of choice? 

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