VIDEO: 7 Reasons to Switch to OpenJDK 17 as a Jakarta EE Developer

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

JDK 17, the next Long-Term Release of Java SE, launched in September. You may have seen many of the great blogs, articles, and videos about what this means for Java developers. For just a few places to start, we like: theJetBrainsteam'sdiscussion on migrating to JDK 17; Todd Ginsberg onhis ten favourite features; andGunter Rotsaert mapping out thedifferences between Java 11 and Java 17. 

But what does the new release mean forJakarta EEdevelopers specifically? If you are using these enterprise-orientated specifications, stewarded by theEclipse Foundation, should you make the switch?

Payara's Rudy De Busscherthinks you should, and explained why in his talk toIstanbul JUG, powered byHazelcast.

Watch Now: 


Payara Platform WILL support JDK 17, find out more in this blog: Why Payara Platform Only Supports LTS Versions of JDK

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