Software Integration Expert SVAPNA is a New Payara Partner

Photo of Debbie Hoffman by Debbie Hoffman

SVAPNA, a software factory specializing in the development of highly customized web and mobile applications that integrate with existing information systems for Italy, Switzerland, and India markets, is now a Payara Partner. 

The Payara Partner Program offers global organizations an opportunity to deliver reliable, secure, and cost-effective Java EE / Jakarta EE cloud-native solutions and the support their customers need. The Partner Program provides opportunities to generate new recurring revenue streams by reselling Payara Platform Enterprise and Payara Accelerator Consultancy contracts. Payara ensures a customized approach, free training, and support during the process.  

SVAPNA’s partnership with Payara adds to the growing list of current Payara Partners which include IT companies and organizations of all sizes located around the world. Each Payara Partner works within their geographic areas to provide high-performing solutions, eliminating typical language and cultural barriers global companies face with product and service delivery. 

SVAPNA’s team of experts deliver to their customers the complete software lifecycle for mobile, cloud and web applications in the ecommerce and IoT domains. SVAPNA’s team designs systems and middleware that smoothly operate across their customers’ existing info systems and backend setup - whether that’s mySQL, iSeries, SAP, Oracle, or Big Data.   

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with SVAPNA! 

If you are interested in learning more about SVAPNA, please visit their website.   

To learn how to become a Payara Partner, visit our Partner Page.