Securing Microservices with Auth0 and MicroProfile in Kubernetes without a hassle

Photo of Ondro Mihályi by Ondro Mihályi

In this day and age, securing enterprise platforms is a challenge that developers and consultants tackle in an uninformed manner, producing subpar solutions in most cases. To combat this pattern, third-party security services such as Auth0 have been devised to externalize the security of services, and they focus on stable implementations of common enterprise use cases (identity management, OAuth compatibility, and so on), and platforms such as Eclipse MicroProfile allow for their easy integration with enterprise Java microservices. Moreover, in combination with Kubernetes, MicroProfile is a very powerful tool to simplify securing microservices, monitoring them and creating reproducible deployments.

This presentation showcases the strength of combining MicroProfile and an OAuth service by doing a live demonstration of securing enterprise Java microservices in Kubernetes.