Piyara - Payara Micro on Raspberry Pi Demo

Photo of Steve Millidge by Steve Millidge

If you've read my interview with JAXenter, you already know  that I very much disagree with labelling Java EE as heavyweight - simply because it is not true! The latest servers from most of the Java EE vendors have been re-architected to be very light-weight on resources including memory, cpu and disc footprint. We recently did some testing of microservices implementations and many of those come in at under 50MB of RAM to run Java EE based microservices. Also, installation and configuration has been streamlined and many of the microservices versions of the products require no installation.

I think the heavyweight label is just mythology going back to early 2000 and propagated by people who haven’t used Java EE since then.


To see exactly how lightweight Java EE is when you run it in a micro container, watch this short video demonstration of 'Piyara' -  running Java EE applications on Payara Micro on Raspberry Pi.