Payara Collaborates with Red Hat, IBM, Tomitribe & LJC to Bring Microservices to Enterprise Java

Photo of Dominika Tasarz by Dominika Tasarz

Today at the DevNation conference in San Francisco, Payara’s Mike Croft appeared onstage during the Keynote, joined by Mark Little from Red Hat, Alasdair Nottingham from IBM, Theresa Nguyen from Tomitribe and Martijn Verburg from the London Java User Group to announce a new community collaboration called MicroProfile


The goal of the MicroProfile initiative is to make it easier for developers to use familiar Java EE technologies and APIs for building microservice applications.


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During the keynote, Mark Little discussed how Java EE established itself as the dominant standard for building business critical distributed applications. Mark emphasised the benefits open standards, competition, collaboration and compatibility bring to developers.


MicroProfile-Black.jpgAs we see a lot of organisations think about moving to micro-service architectures and containers for large scale cloud and on-premise system deployments. We believe the Enterprise Java APIs that Java EE developers already know and are using to build distributed enterprise applications now can also form the foundations of new microservice deployments. At Payara we also believe that an open-source, community driven, standards defined runtime that drives both collaboration and competition across and between vendor and open source initiatives will deliver the best microservice platform for developers and operations.


Hence, the goal of the MicroProfile vendor collaboration is to push forward microservice innovation in Enterprise Java.


Quoting Steve Millidge, Payara Founder and Director, ‘What the Java community needs to do is show developers, considering microservices, what is possible with Java EE now. We need to promote the many advantages Enterprise Java has over other frameworks. When standard APIs and the framework are provided by the runtime, developers can concentrate purely on developing their applications and services. Enterprise Java deployment artifacts are incredibly small, runtimes are light-weight and can easily be layered onto a standard Linux Container. Building on these foundations the next step is to come together, involve the community, innovate and drive forward a new standard runtime tailored specifically for the demands of microservice architectures’.


Payara, Red Hat, IBM, Tomitribe and the LJC all believe that Enterprise Java is a solid foundation on which to build the next generation of applications and the MicroProfile collaboration can make it easier and provide portability between vendors’ implementations. 


We should expect the first release of the MicroProfile to be announced in September. We will build on the success of Payara Micro and use that as the foundation of our new MicroProfile release.


Payara is proudly joining the MicroProfile collaboration with the intention of driving innovation in microservices for Enterprise Java developers.


We hope that the Payara Community will join us, participate and shape the MicroProfile effort. Let us all drive forward the MicroProfile!


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