Payara Platform November Roadmap Webinar

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

In regular webinars, our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge provides an update on the progress of Payara Platform: what we've achieved in relation to our yearly roadmaps, and what we have left to do! 

In this webinar, Steve looked at what we've achieved so far in 2021, and ahead to the final quarter of this year and plans for early 2022.

This includes:

  • Our recent support of JDK17 in Payara Community 
  • Plans for Payara support forJakarta EE 10 
  • Payara 5 vs. upcoming Payara 6
  • MicroProfilesupport 
  • Payara Cloud! 

Watch Now: 


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