Payara Platform 4 Goes into Maintenance Mode

Photo of Rudy De Busscher by Rudy De Busscher


At the end of February 2019, we started with the phase-out of the Payara Platform 4. It does not mean the end of it, but a first waypoint in the lifecycle of it. You can see all phases of a Payara Platform on our Support Lifecycle page on the website (


Payara Customers

For Payara customers, this means that the Payara Platform release is the last release with new features. However, the support for the Payara Platform 4 will continue as usual for another 4 to 6 years (depending on the Java version).


Payara support customers can read more on this maintenance mode on the Knowledge Base Article (you need a username and password to access this content).

Community Users

For the community users, the last public release was Payara Platform almost a year ago. This means that the end of February is not really a special date. Nothing changes for non-customers currently running Payara Server 4, for example.


But it should be a reminder that some action may be appropriate. You can, for instance, migrate to Payara Server 5, or become a Payara support customer to benefit from the monthly updates and support.

Community users can see more about this in the following video: