Payara is Part of the MicroProfile Working Group!

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

Payara is part of the MicroProfile Working Group! 

MicroProfile is a set of Enterprise Java APIs and technologies, designed to help with the challenge of building microservices architectures in Java. 

The MicroProfile Working Group develops these APIs in a collaborative process, and is comprised of passionate individuals, and representatives from different vendors and Java User Groups. 

Our CEO and FounderSteve Millidgecommented:Steve bio pic

“We are proud to continuously support and be a part of theMicroProfile Working Group. MicroProfile andJakarta EEare designed to complement each other. Being a part of both Working Groups allows us to fully support, develop and champion cloud native enterprise Java under the Eclipse Foundation. 

Our work in the MicroProfile Working Group also allows us to better implement our own MicroProfile certified products. Payara Platform as a whole is MicroProfile compatible but this is particularly important forPayara Micro,our lightweight microservices platform of choice.  

As the software industry continues to embrace “smaller” deployments, the innovation in the MicroProfile Working Group is step-by-step dismantling the myth that Jakarta EE is only for heavy architectures. Our support for MicroProfile furthers our goal of creating enterprise Java that works for everyone, however you chose to design your applications – monolith, microservices or hybrid.”


MicroProfileandJakarta EEare both working groups within the Eclipse Foundation. There are a huge range of specifications and APIs that are covered among the two working groups. They share many as a foundation, the CDI, RESTful Web Services, JSON-P, JSON-B, and Annotations. 

On the MicroProfile side, the APIs are basically developed as extensions of Jakarta EE and are specifically for microservices architecture. They are a little more experimental than Jakarta EE. Also, MicroProfile carried Jakarta EE forward from an application server point of view during the transition between Java EE 8 and Jakarta EE 9. Where there were no API changes happening under the Jakarta EE side there were a lot of changes happening on the MicroProfile side. This brings products like Payara Micro and Payara Server up to speed and provided capabilities to provide microservices. 

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