Payara Enterprise = A More Bespoke Solution

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

Payara Enterprise is an alternative to WildFly, JBoss EAP, WebSphere and more. 

With Payara Enterprise, you have everything offered by Payara Community - regular releases, a global community of 80,000 active users, cutting edge Jakarta EE technology - with the added benefits of support from our engineers, special features like a tool for upgrading and a 10-year software lifecycle. 

This means that when Jakarta EE 10 is released in the next few months, you can stay on Jakarta EE 8 and Payara 5 Enterprise. The same can not be said of Payara Community, as Payara 5 Community will stop being updated and its replacement, Payara 6 Community, will only work with Jakarta EE 10. 

Find out more about the difference between Community and Enterprisehere.

However, though we often discuss the difference between Community and Enterprise - why should you pick Payara Enterprise over our competitors? 

Today we explore one reason: the more bespoke service we can offer.

Influence Our Roadmap  

With Payara, we listen to our customers and can change our roadmap in consideration of what they need. 

For example, one customer requested gRPC as an alternative to REST endpoints. For those who may not know, gRPC is a protocol to communicate between two processes and is growing in popularity as an alternative to REST. A customer requested that gRPC be fully integrated withJakarta EE APIs, and our developers got to work! 

In a few short weeks, gRPC was an option inPayara Server - Community and Enterprise. The customer who requested this feature fed back that gRPC was faster than other solutions and EJB integration was a major benefit.

Our other competitors would not be able to provide this level of service. At Payara, we have the agility within our smaller but dedicated team to make solutions that work for you. 

Don't Deal with a Faceless Machine 

With some of the larger companies, support can seem inpersonal or difficult to come by. At Payara, you get support directly from engineers. You can not only raise tickets for bugs, incidents or questions related to Payara Server or Payara Micro, but ask any general questions you may have about configuration, deployment, security, monitoring and troubleshooting. Here are just a few of the comments customers have made recently:

  • Automotive giantBMW: “Your support is tremendous.”
  • The UK's biggest insurance retailersCDL: "Excellent technical information from Alan. Answered the question to my satisfaction."
  • Research facility, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: “I always receive prompt courteous attention to my inquiries. Thank you very much.“

Avoid Frustrating Audits 

Some of our competitors provide notorious audits, with costs spiralling out of control as vendors try to persuade you to use their products.

Our renewal process is instead concise and to the point. Our support engineers are application server experts and won't try to lock you into a product suite. If we think a certain cloud provider, say, is good for you, we'll tell you to use it - we ONLY provide the application server, so we are not constantly trying to sell an entire ecosystem. Instead, we are aggressively compatible - seehere the wide range of ecosystem components we support. 

Sound good? Want to try something new? 

If you talk to our team, they can help you move to Payara and see if we will be able to solve your individual issues: 

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