Payara 6 Enterprise Release - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What Is Payara Platform Enterprise? 

Payara Platform Enterprise is a commercially supported, fully (both on-premise and cloud) optimized, production ready, reliableJakarta EEandMicroProfileruntime (application server). Payara Platform Enterprise provides a robust and scalable platform for developing and deploying Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications, with enterprise-level support and management tools. It is focused on the needs of companies that have demanding production environments and need the level of stability, security and support that an Enterprise subscription provides. Payara Enterprise 6 comes with out of the box support for Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6.  

Why Is Payara 6 Enterprise An Important Release? 

Payara Platform Enterprise 6.0 is an important release because it brings our famed commercial offering to organizations developing Jakarta EE 10 applications or intending to upgrade in the future. As a major milestone release, Jakarta EE 10 came with a lot of changes that makes enterprise application development on the platform even more productive. With that, using Payara Enterprise 6 as your deployment runtime means you can focus your development efforts on delivering great user value and experiences to your clients.  

Payara 6 Enterprise comes with a 10-year software lifecycle – guaranteeing you will not need to upgrade in a year or two with new releases. You can now enjoy all the benefits of Jakarta EE 10 with a platform that is suitable for mission critical projects.  

Can I Upgrade To Payara 6 Enterprise? 

If you are currently on Payara 6 Community, you can seamlessly migrate to Payara 6 Enterprise with minimal changes.  

If you are a current customer on Payara 5 Enterprise (Java EE/Jakarta EE 8), even though you can currently deploy your Jakarta EE 8 applications on Payara Enterprise 6, we are working on an upgrade adviser tool that will point you to places that may require manual intervention during the upgrade process. This will be out very soon. Given the massive scope of changes that came with Jakarta EE 10 (the javax to jakarta package refactoring, change in default CDI behavior, removal of some methods, etc), we are committed to making the upgrade to Payara Enterprise 6 (and thus Jakarta EE 10) from Payara Enterprise 5 as seamless as possible, and thus our investment in this ancillary tool. 

If you are currently on Payara Enterprise 4 (Java EE 7 and below), we encourage you to first upgrade to Payara Enterprise 5 as a first step in your application modernization strategy and eventual migration to Payara Enterprise 6. 

Why Should I Use Payara 6 Enterprise? 

GettingPayara Platform Enterpriseallows you to focus your development efforts on your business domain so you can deliver superior value to your clients, without needing to worry about the runtime your applications run on. That is what Payara knows best, and it’s best to leave that to us.  

Payara Platform 6 Enterprise is here to help you take production advantage of the greatest Enterprise Java release in almost a decade.  

When you chose Payara Platform Enterprise you gain access to several benefits and features: 

  •  It’s easy and fast to overcome problems with direct access to the Payara engineering team. There is no limit on the number of tickets you can submit. 
  • Payara Enterprise ensures regular security alerts and security hot fixes. 
  • You will have access to a private Customer Knowledge Base  
  • You will receive priority for bug fixes, new features, and enhancement requests  
  • You will benefit from Azul Platform Core for Distribution included in our contract, Azul’s Java SE build for enterprises (Previously Zulu Embedded).  
  • You will have access to extra functionalities, like the Upgrade Tool to move easily between Payara versions  

We Are Currently Using Payara Platform Community 5 And Need To Stay On Jakarta EE 8. What Are Our Options? 

Payara Platform Community 5 is no longer supported. To stay on Jakarta EE 8, we encourage you to move to Payara Enterprise 5, which will be supported until 2028. 

We Want To Move to Jakarta EE 10, But At Our Own Pace, What Are Our Options?

Most Enterprise Java applications are still on the javax namespace (Jakarta EE 8 and below) and are affected by the Jakarta EE 10 javax to jakarta namespace changes. Therefore, moving to Jakarta EE 10 will require some developer time for a complete refactoring.  

If you are currently on Payara Community 6, you can transition to Payara Enterprise 6 with minimal downtime as you would already be using Jakarta EE 10. If you are on Payara Community versions prior to 6, you should migrate as soon as possible to Payara Enterprise 4 (Java EE 7 and below) or Payara Enterprise 5 (Java/Jakarta EE 8) as Payara Community versions prior to 6 are no longer supported.  

If you are currently on Payara Enterprise 4, you can upgrade to Payara Enterprise 5, which has support for Jakarta EE 8 (up to 2028) to test out your transition to Jakarta EE 10. When you are finally ready, you can take advantage of our automated upgrade and adviser tools to make your migration to Payara Enterprise 6 (thus Jakarta EE 10) as seamless as possible.  

Our Application Needs to Stay on JDK 8. What Are Our Options? 

The minimum required JDK version for Payara Platform Community 6 is 11.0.12. To use JDK 8, you must migrate to Payara Platform Enterprise 5, which will all have support for JDK 8 until 2028. 

We Want to Move to Jakarta EE 10 But Are Worried We Don't Have Enough Developers or Knowledge. Can you help? 

Jakarta EE 10 is exciting, but upgrading prior version applications could be an uphill task given the breadth of changes that came with the release. With Payara Enterprise, you will benefit from having Payara engineers on hand during this significant move. Rather than hiring new team members, save net costs by entering into a Payara Enterprise contract and gaining the help of our engineers as and when you need them.  

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can raise during your support contract. Our engineers are Jakarta EE experts and have knowledge your team may not have. 

Can I Get A Summary Of Jakarta EE Versions and Payara Enterprise Options? 

Sure. The table below shows the options available to you given your Jakarta EE version.   

Jakarta EE Version 

Payara Enterprise Version 

Supported JDK  


Java EE 7 and Below 

Payara Enterprise 4 

JDK 8 (up to 2025) 

This is a step to prepping for upgrades and modernization of your application. 

Java EE/Jakarta EE 8 

Payara Enterprise 5 

JDK 8 (up to 2028) 

JDK 11 (up to 2026) 

JDK 17 (up to 2028) 


Jakarta EE 10 

Payara Enterprise 6 

JDK 11 (up to 2026) 

JDK 17 (up to 2029) 



Can I Try for Free Payara 6 Enterprise? 

Yes, sure! Just head over toour free trial pageto request Payara Enterprise. This is your opportunity to test and evaluate before making any decisions. Explore FAQ section to help answer any questions you might have about the trial.  

Where Can I Find Details about Payara 6 Enterprise plans? 

You can find all the commercial options we offer for your peace of mind onthis page 

I Need to Speak with Someone. Who Do I Contact? 

Our Customer Success Agents are more than happy to speak with you and answer any queries you have. Please fill in this form and someone will reach out to you in the shortest possible time.