Payara Community GitHub Policy

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We’ve recently formalized our GitHub Policy for how we handle user requests for bug fixes and enhancements to ensure defects and bugs in the Payara Platform are discovered and addressed as soon as possible, and to give the community an opportunity to help decide which new features and product enhancements go into development.   

Below is a summary of the policy and how to get your questions answered, submit a bug report, or request an enhancement. You can read the complete Payara GitHub Policy here. 

General Questions about Payara Platform  

If you have questions about using Payara Platform, including configuration, integrating Payara Platform with other technologies, or best practices, please visit the Payara Forum. You can create a topic to discuss your topic with other Payara Platform users. If you see questions posted by other users that you can answer, please feel free to participate in the discussions and offer your advice. 

Payara Forum

Report a Bug or Defect 

If you discover a problem with Payara Platform, we need your help to understand the nature of the bug or defect and what causes it. Before submitting a bug, please make sure that you are experiencing the problem using the current release. If you encountered the bug on a previous version, please try to test it with the latest release before submitting a bug report because it’s possible it has already been corrected in the current release. 

If the bug exists on the current release of the Payara Platform, submit a GitHub issue on Payara’s GitHub and describe an example of a scenario we can use to verify the bug. If we can’t reproduce the error using the information you provide, we’ll request additional details. Please remain involved in the issue’s conversation in case our engineers request more details to determine if your issue is in fact a defect or bug and should be escalated into development. 

Payara on GitHub

Request a Product Enhancement or New Feature 

Many of the features in Payara Platform have been developed due to user requests and we welcome your ideas for product enhancements! In pure open source fashion, product enhancement requests will now go through a community voting process to determine which requests should be escalated to the Payara Development Team for development. 

Before submitting your idea, check the Payara Platform Open Roadmap to see if your suggestion is already part of a bigger feature planned. If not, consider implementing the enhancement yourself by submitting a pull request to the repository with your contribution. As the Payara Platform Community Edition is an open source project, anyone can contribute code to the platform, which might be a better solution. Read the general contribution guidelines in the official documentation.  If that’s not possible, you can submit an issue with your request, including a detailed explanation of why you consider the suggested enhancement useful to the general community of Payara Platform users. 

Enhancement requests are submitted to the voting process, where other users can vote whether they want it or not. Any user with a GitHub account can add issues for voting or vote on existing issues by giving a “thumbs-up” to the enhancement issue’s first message. If you see an issue for an enhancement that you don’t think is necessary, you can also give a “thumbs-down” vote to express your disapproval. When voting, we ask that you provide a comment discussing your reason for approval or disapproval. 

Request New Feature

The Payara Development Team will select the top voted issue each month and escalate it for implementation in a future release (sorry, no guarantees for when it will be included).  

To keep track of the current top-voted issues we suggest you use this website, which list the current top voted issues first and allows quick voting actions. 

Vote for Enhancements