OpenAPI Refactor Added to Payara Platform Enterprise 5.23.0 Release

Photo of Andrew Pielage by Andrew Pielage

Payara Platform Enterprise users will be pleased to hear that we released a refactor of the MicroProfile OpenAPI implementation we provide in Payara Platform Community 5.2020.3 with the aim of addressing a number of issues and requests that had been raised over time. The original blog, detailing some of these features, can be found here

OpenAPI Refactor has now been included in the Payara Platform Enterprise 5.23.0 release.

Here's a summary of the changes we introduced to OpenAPI in Payara Community 5.2020.3 included:

  • Multi document definition support
  • Document processing improvements
  • OpenAPI scanner for packaged archive

Since the OpenAPI release in our Community Edition, we've had time to iterate on the changes, resolving a number of additional issues since this initial introduction to Community (including an issue with high memory usage!), and it's now deemed stable and ready for the Payara Enterprise 5.23.0 release.

As with any Payara Enterprise feature, we've made efforts to ensure that the upgrade path from previous releases is a smooth one - there are no breaking changes here, just new stuff! Let us know what you think!

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