Free Tickets: JavaPro Microservices Training Course

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

JavaPro has created a training course on how to develop modern cloud-native microservices with Payara Micro and MicroProfile.

We have free tickets available, usually worth €1,690 each! 

JavaProis a top free print magazine for Java professionals. They have decided to help Jakarta EE developers learn about microservices andMicroProfile- usingPayara Microas the platform of choice in the training course! 

Payara Micro is our open-source, lightweight middleware application server for containerized Java EE (Jakarta EE) and MicroProfile microservices deployments.

The training course delivers an introduction to MicroProfile, the set of specficicationsdesigned to help with the challenge of building microservices architectures in Java.

How is MicroProfile different from Jakarta EE? Why should you use it? 

You will then recieve a more in-depth guide to specific steps like creating a RESTful web service, injecting dependencies and Jakarta Persistence.

They say:

"Microservices come with a paradigm shift in architecture and if you want to develop state-of-the-art enterprise applications you must have microservices know-how. These courses will help you to learn how to develop highly efficient and powerful microservices in Java."

You have two time options:

European Time CET – November 22-23, 2022

US Time CST – November 29-30, 2022

Find a full itinerary of the course and get your free ticket here:

JavaPro Training