WATCH VIDEOS NOW: JakartaOne Portugese & Spanish

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

Iberian & South American Payara Platform users: we have recently participated in both theJakartaOne - PortugeseandJakartaOne - Spanishvirtual conferences!

You can now catch up on the videos: vendor talks, discussing what we do at Payara Services, benefits of our products, and more about our customers; and at Jakarta One - Spanish, an informative microservices security talk, using identity platformOkta

JakartaOne conferences are organised by theEclipse Foundation, the open source software development community and steward of theJakarta EEspecifications for enterprise use of Java. In these virtual streams, enthusiasts and experts gather to discuss current trends, technologies and challenges related to Jakarta EE and complementary, microservices-orientated MicroProfile.

Vendor Talk - Payara, JakartaOne LiveStream Portugese 2021:

FindCat Buysdiscussing Payara Services in this video.

Vendor Talk - Payara, Jakarta One LiveStream Spanish 2021:

FindFabio Turizodiscussing Payara Services using timestamps 13.44 - 35.21.

Securing Microservices in Under 40 Minutes with MicroProfile & Okta! - Jakarta One LiveStream Spanish 2021:

Fabio also provides an instructive talk with a demo:

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