Creating a Kubernetes Operator in Java: Foojay JUG Tour

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

Foojay's Virtual JUG tour is in full swing, with the Java community platform organising a succession of online events at JUGs all across the world. 

As contributors to the Foojay platform, supporters from the start and members of itsinaugural advisory board, Payara Services was happy to participate. Rudy de Busscher presented his talk, 'Creating a Kubernetes Operator in Java', for the St. Louis Java User Group as part of the tour.

You can now watch this, and also hear Geertjan Wielenga introduce the concept of Foojay to start the talk.

Thanks to the JUG tour, Rudy's expertise could be enjoyed by a user group who otherwise might not have had the chance! Bruce Alspaugh provides background on St. Louis JUGin the below video. 

March 11

The video also seesGeertjan Wielenga, Senior Director of Open Source projects at Azul and Foojay lead, explain more about Foojay and its mission: helping the community get to grips with the new increased velocity of OpenJDK releases, through events, discussion and resources in a single place.

Rudy's talk explores how you can use the Kubernetes API to not only create clients, but also extend Kubernetes with custom-controllers.  Kubernetes isn't all about Go and low-level orchestration of your services, Rudy shows you here you can also do a lot of things in Java. Basic elements are easy, but he goes through areas where you might struggle. 

Rudy also answers questions from the St. Louis JUG, including 'How does the client authenticate to the cluster?'


  • Kubernetes overview 
  • Kubernetes Operator 
  • Java client for Kubernetes API 
  • Watcher principle 
  • Custom resources 
  • 'Complete' example

Watch the talk here: 


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