Elevate Your Brand with Custom Domains on Payara Cloud

Photo of Luqman Saeed by Luqman Saeed

Payara Cloud is our robust platform designed to simplify and streamline the deployment, management, and monitoring of your Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications. By eliminating the need for much of the usual server configuration and maintenance, it allows you to focus more on your core business logic, delivering value much faster to your customers.

Standout With Custom Domains

When you upload and deploy your applications on Payara Cloud, a default URL is automatically generated. For instance, you might get a URL like https://guide-docu-6696a94c.payara.app/demo. While this URL gets the job done, it lacks a personal touch and might not be very user-friendly.

This is where Payara Cloud’s support for custom domains comes in. With this feature, you can transform the default, auto-generated URL to something catchier and more aligned with your brand, like https://myapp.yourAmazingBrand.com/app1. 

Getting started with setting up a custom domain is easy. Select your namespace, click on 'Custom Domain', add your preferred domain, and follow the simple steps to update your DNS records. Done!

Your custom domain is now up and running complete with fully provisioned SSL certificate, giving your much more personalized identifiers for your applications.

Ready to dive deeper and get a step-by-step walkthrough?

We've put together a detailed guide that walks you through the entire process. You can get started on Payara Cloud with a free 14-day trial. Grab this opportunity to get a taste of this latest generation of fully automated cloud native Jakarta EE deployment platform. 

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