Are Java EE Application Servers Heavy? Watch The Video.

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

Our summer webinar series continued with 'Are Java EE Application Servers Heavy?'

In thismyth-busting webinar, Steve Millidge (founder of Payara), showed viewers that Java EE application servers are NOT resource-heavy or slow.  His live demonstrations showed it’s possible to have a small footprint and low resource usage in Jakarta EE runtimes.

If you missed the webinar earlier this month, you can now watch the video!

In the video:

  • See a new Jakarta EE (Java EE) runtime that allows for single jar deployment

  • Watch a demo of a small start up/small footprint Jakarta EE runtime

  • See a Jakarta EE application server that is not fat or heavy with high resource usage

Watch Now: 


More in the Series 

The third webinar answered the question 'Is Java EE Cloud-Native?'. You can watch that also on our YouTube channel!

Following this, there are the two more webinars left to enjoy live. Tune in to ask Steve Millidge questions directly. 

  • Do Java EE Standards Matter? 14 July, 3pm BST 
  • Is the Java EE Deployment Model Out of Date? 21st July, 3pm BST 

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