7 Reasons Why Global Companies Invest in Commercial Support for the Payara Platform

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There are many reasons why companies choose to invest in commercial support for Payara® Server or Payara Micro (the Payara Platform). Here we've listed the most common reasons for buying support to achieve operational and financial benefits:


1.Increase effectiveness of your in-house team.


Having Payara® Support meant Swisscom, a leading telecom company in Switzerland, experienced reduced problem-solving time for multiple projects, getting the fix to an issue 2 months sooner and with no need for Swisscom engineers to further investigate for solutions.


2. Improve security.


iTAC Software, leading MES providers in Germany, had been using Oracle GlassFish 2.1 and began experiencing issues with security problems that did not have available fixes. To satisfy compliance requirements, iTAC needed to guarantee high-availability, robustness and high performance. After migrating to Payara Server and obtaining Production Support services, iTAC had access to hot fixes, monthly releases and a guaranteed 2-hour reaction time in case of a software issue to satisfy compliance requirements.


3. Access a private Customer Knowledge Base.


Customers find the Customer Support Portal a great benefit, as it allows them to log in and see at a glance any open issues as well as track status and activity on open items. The Customer Knowledge Base within the Support Portal provides customers with articles and information to resolve common problems or find answers to questions quickly.


4. Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year support lifecycle and OpenJDK support.


BMW Group required a stable basis and standards compliance for their applications. The 10-year support lifecycle provided by Payara solved both the need for stability and compliance. Our support for the OpenJDK platform, provided by Azul Systems, means customers can rest assured that the whole software stack is supported.


5. Receive priority for bug fixes, new features, and enhancement requests.


Payara Support customers get priority response for all bug fixes, whereas community users would first have to raise the bug on GitHub with no guaranteed timelines or SLAs for getting the fix. Rakuten found the Maven repository, Nexus Portal, easy to use, receiving customer-only patched builds and hot fixes for the Payara Platform. They enjoyed the quick responses from the Payara Support Team and the fact that support could communicate in Japanese. New feature or enhancement requests are also prioritized for customers in our monthly and quarterly releases.


6. Quickly overcome problems with direct access to the engineering team.


Appriss, a US company that delivers data-driven solutions to improve safety and security, relies on the added confidence of 24/7 support from Payara's engineers to deliver their critical customer facing web applications within the retail, health, and safety data solutions industry. Unlike other companies that offer support through an outsourced helpdesk, Payara Support comes directly from our engineers.


7. Follow best practices and expand technical knowledge.


Even during times of no technical problems, Payara Support customers can reach out with questions to ensure they are operating according to best practices to prevent future challenges and increase efficiency. ISERN, providers of hospital room communications solutions, relied on the Payara Migration & Project Support for sorting out issues as well as expanding their knowledge of the server.

In addition to these common reasons for investing in commercial support, Payara Support helps you save money when things go wrong. Payara Support and the Engineering Department are available around the clock to get you back on track quickly, reducing costly downtime and frustration for your IT team.


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