YouTube Playlist - Connecting Your Payara Cloud Application to a PostgreSQL Database on Neon

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By integrating your Payara Cloud application with a PostgreSQL database on Neon, you can unlock a number of key benefits that can improve your application. such as enhanced scalability, reliability and performance. To help you seamlessly carry out this operation, we have created a playlist on YouTube to offer an easy to follow video tutorial.


Here's what you can expect to find in the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Platform Overview: Get started with an introduction to Payara Cloud, Payara Starter and Neon, laying the foundation for successful integration. 
  • Setup and Configuration: Learn how to create a Database Project on Neon as well as set up your Payara Cloud environment. 
  • Data Management: Explore best practices for creating data sources in Jakarta EE applications, handling entities and managing revisions.
  • Configuration Optimization: Dive into MicroProfile configuration, context path configuration and the benefits of these optimizations.
  • Streamlined Connections: Discover how Payara Cloud simplifies database connections and configurations, streamlining your integration process.

By seamlessly connect your Payara Cloud application to PostgreSQL on Neon, you will be able to elevate your cloud application development skills and reap the benefits of Payara Cloud integration. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content, expert insights and practical guidance on how to power up you Jakarta EE applications. And if you haven't signed up for your Payara Cloud free trial, register now: 

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