Payara Server Testing

Photo of Mike Croft by Mike Croft
jumping-fish_1_resized.jpgTesting is a big part of development; projects would likely fall apart at first implementation without any testing. Because of this, some of you may be wondering if the Payara team have a formal testing procedure, and what it is.You may be familiar with the Java EE samples GitHub repository. We use these samples as a smoke test for if our changes have broken any of the tests that worked with the previous Payara Server build and GlassFish 4.1. 

As we’ve decided that these samples cover a good, broad spectrum of functionality, we’ve begun work on adapting the samples into our own test suite, which will then be used with our Jenkins CI server. This involves creating Arquillian tests for the samples that lack them, and fixing/updating any of the samples or tests that do not work with GlassFish and Payara Server. Additionally, this test suite will be extended as needed to cover any additional features we implement. For example, Arquillian tests for the new JCache functionality has already been created and integrated into our test suite.

If you have any suggestions for how we could improve our testing, or any other queries, feel free to get in contact!