Payara Podcast Episode 6: On A Mission To Prove What's Real - A Conversation About AI

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In the latest episode of the Payara Podcast, we dive deep into a very trending topic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a top expert who is committed to ensuring a sustainable and responsible use of this technology: Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, CEO and Founder of OpenOriginsas well as a Scientific Researcher at the University of Cambridge. We discuss what AI is, the transformative potential of Gen AI, the challenges it presents and the importance of regulation to harness its benefits while mitigating risks.

Defining AI And Its Potential

Defining what AI is and what it means for something "synthetic" to have intelligence can be tricky. Also, there are different opinions on determining if the AI tools available today are actually intelligent. According to Mansoor, they are not, and current solutions are:

"Something that the programmers don't understand how it works, even though it still seems to be doing the things that they want it to do."

In effect, there is incredible potential for AI in various fields, offering an enabling technology. For example, auto- and co-pilots can be extremely helpful to front-end developers, streamlining key activities. Similarly, AI tools can support retrievability when working with large archives. We also highlight the opportunities offered by Notion AI, which summarizes key information from a source. 

The Risks Associated With Using AI

However, AI tools shouldn't be trusted blindly. They can expose individuals and organizations to errors and vulnerabilities while deepening current biases. Even more, the use of AI can lead to considerable energy use and, consequently, carbon emissions. All these aspects should be carefully considered to sustainably leverage this key technology.

We also cover what future AI solutions may be able to offer us and how the "hype" around AI can lead to many other technological advancements. And much more!

To gain more insights, listen to Payara Podcast - Episode 6: On A Mission To Prove What's Real - A Conversation About AI with Dr. Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers on YouTube or on Spotify. And stay tuned - Episode 7 is coming soon!


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