Oracle Code Prague - Impressions & Videos

Photo of Ondrej Mihályi by Ondrej Mihályi

At the end of April I had a pleasure to speak at the Oracle Code event in Prague. 

Oracle Code is a new series of free events, hosted in different locations around the world and aimed at Java developers, giving them an opportunity to learn about the latest dev technologies, practices and trends.


The event in Prague was very developer-friendly, making it quite clear that Oracle are now focusing on improving developer experience much more than they did before.  

The agenda was full of very interesting talks by both Oracle tech team members and other independent speakers, covering a wide range of topics such as Java internals, Java EE, Node.js, Docker or Web Components. For many attendees, the highlights of the day were Adam Bien's keynote ( see the recording below) and Sebastian Daschner's session in the afternoon. Adam's 'slideless' presentation ( see the recording below) showed how to build modern enterprise applications and easily deploy them with Java EE as Docker containers; while Sebastian's talk focused on the command query responsibility segregation pattern (CQRS). 



Although my 'Five Ways to Improve Your Java EE Applications in a Reactive Way' talk wasn't recorded, I had a chance to talk about it in a short interview with the Oracle Technology Network:




I think that Oracle created a pleasant experience for the attendees as well as the speakers, with an informal atmosphere, lots of space in the exhibition area, good food and interesting workshops where you could get various developer sets to keep and play with at home. It was also very nice to get a chance to meet and talk to many like-minded people, including some of my old friends from other parts of Czech Republic, who traveled to Prague specifically for this occasion. Needles to say, I really enjoyed Oracle Code Prague and I think it was a very nice addition to the other Java conferences that are usually held in Prague . The event clearly showed that there are many passionate developers in the area, interested in learning and discussing new technologies.


If you missed Oracle Code Prague,  check out the event series website, as there might be another conference running somewhere in your area soon.  You can also watch the recorded talks and some interesting interviews with the conference speakers on the Oracle Dev YouTube channel